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INTERGLACIAL is a casually competitive dice and map-tile 3d printable board game for 1-5 players. The players play as Paleolithic shamans guiding their stone age tribes in the quest for scant resources during a mild period between ice ages. The goal of the game is to lead your tribe to become the one with the most food and the most tribe members at the end of the game, when the next ice age hits. Art for the game is done by Alex Wynn-Rubsam, and each illustration is grounded in the research into ancient European constellations featured in the research book: "Sky Wolves," meaning the game is not only fun, it has an educational element as well! 

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Structural files are labelled with the number of components that need to be printed for the game. Box and lid files are supplied in whole and half versions. Materials can be printed supportless, but rafts may be a good idea as the meeples are small.

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