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Ortus Novae: Trireme Greek Warship Pack


Several thousand years ago, the Trireme was the height of technology for naval warfare in the Aegean. These massive ships were built with rams on their prows and they would plow through the sea with the force of dozens upon dozens of oarsmen. These warships were fast and explosive in their power, and when they weren't rushing out to cleave each other in half, they were lashing themselves to their burning foes, closing enough distance that armored warriors could pour from one boat to another in desperate boarding actions that were as loud as they were bloody.

Ortus Novae: Trireme is a modification to the Ortus Novae rules that will allow you to conduct massive tabletop armada battles using ancient Greek warships you've assembled (or printed) yourself. Using the same quick and frantic rule set as the core game of Ortus Novae, you can simulate clashes between massive hordes of triremes, biremes, pentecounters and quadremes without getting bogged down by spreadsheets, arcane rule loopholes or unnecessary bookkeeping.

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