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Cyberfemme Command Pack


It's said that Captain Cylina Zender and Fire Support Specialist Myria Oberholtz have seen hell firsthand a dozen times on a dozen infested worlds. Together, they've gone up against the Electro-Liches of Nastrond 7, and dealt with hive worlds and derelict starships overrun with meaty horrors. More at home on the battlefield than they are anywhere else in the Kyklos Commonwealth, these two sisters of slaughter will always be a force to be reckoned with. 

 This is the first pack of my Cyberfemme sci-fi soldiers, but I have dozens more I have designed and printed that I'm going to be releasing in waves soon. My goal with the Cyberfemmes is to make an army of bad-ass, realistic women in heavy powered armor. No slinky, objectified ladies here! No sternum-breaking boobplating or chainmail bikinis! Only certified armored femmes you can print and bring to the field of battle for some serious ass kicking!

Keywords: huntress, powered armor, military, woman, female warrior, cyberpunk, chainsaw sword, shotgun, sci-fi

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