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What are Punkin' Figs?

Punkin' Figs are stylishly minimalist character figures (figs) that can be used with board games and tabletop roleplaying games. This style of figures is also commonly referred to as "meeples" or "minis", and they can be printed in any color you choose on your preferred printer, at any size and level of detail you desire. Best of all, because we sell structural files (.STL files) there's nothing to ship, saving you the cost and wait that would normally come with sending you physical figures. Getting a Punkin' Fig in your hands is as easy as buying the file and printing it. (See our guide on How To Print for more information.)

Who is Punkin?

Punkin is the mascot and perpetual employee of the year here at Punkin' Figs. Her full name is Punkin Chunkin Loaf McCuiston the Furred, but we just call her Punkin' or Punks. She's a spunky fuzz with a heart of gold who don't take no guff off nobody. Often, she sleeps in my lap while I design meeples for the site, telepathically transmitting her brilliant ideas to me through rhythmic purring.

Who Runs This site?

My name is E.S. Wynn. I am the author of over seventy books in print and the chief editor of Thunderune Publishing. You can check out a list of our sci-fi, fantasy and horror books by clicking here. We also sell game manuals and gaming aids, which you can find here.