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How To Print

How Do I Print Punkin' Figs?

First, pick the figure (or meeple) you would like to print. Next, purchase it and download it. Once the structural file (.STL) is downloaded, open it in a slicing program (like Cura or the default slicing program for your printer of choice) and scale the file to the size that you desire. Fit your printer with the filament of your choice, (there are so many colors to choose from!) export your sliced file, send it to your printer, and then print! The rest is magic!

What if I don't have a 3D printer? 

3D Printing has become so inexpensive and ubiquitous in our modern age that you can find printing solutions almost anywhere these days. Investing in a 3D printer is no big deal, and will probably only set you back about $100-$200, but if you aren't ready to make that leap yet, you can usually find someone with access to a 3D printer at a computer lab, college campus, maker lab, or in a 3D printer fan group that would be willing to help you for low or no cost. Sites like Thingiverse and Shapeways also offer a printing service.

Do You Sell Printed Figures? 

Not at this time, but if there is enough demand (or a large enough order,) we may offer a printing service down the line. Currently, the following storefronts are licensed to sell prints of Punkin' Figs:

How Do I Get Licensed to Sell Prints of Punkin' Figs? 

Sign up for the "Merchant Tier" on the E.S. Wynn Patreon. Spots are limited!

Printing Recommendations:

Meeples are pretty easy to print. They're small, so a raft is recommended for some printers, though if you've got your settings dialed in really tight, you can probably get away with not using a raft. Supports aren't necessary, as the little figures print on their backs, so there's nothing to overhang. Stock settings (10% infill and "fastest" layer height) work just fine, but you can increase the infill for heavier figs and decrease the layer height to capture more of the finer details of each meeple fig.

Over the past year, we've transitioned from offering meeples (primarily) to focusing almost entirely on three dimensional sculpts. These models will say on their individual descriptions whether supports are recommended or not. Rafts or Brims are always recommended. Miniatures are test-printed on a basic FDM printer (an Ender 3 specifically) so please check the specifications of your individual printer and individual filament (or resin) for best results. Some of the miniatures have been printed in resin by fans of Punkin' Figs, even at tiny scales, and they look fantastic! 

Here at Punkin' Figs, we print all our 2D meeples at 150% scale so that they're easier to see, handle and work with, but the default scale is great for portability and for games that feature the smaller meeples (like the Tiny Epic games or Meepleverse.) The convenient thing about Punkin' Figs is that you can truly print them at any scale you wish. Using custom settings on your slicing program of choice, you can scale these meeples up or down to giant or tiny. The choice is yours!

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