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Motorcycle Bottoms for Kitbashing


Ever wanted to make your own bikers? These bottom halves (motorcycles with mounted legs) will give you what you need to kitbash any bikers your heart desires.

There are three variations included-- driver only, driver with one passenger and bike with sidecar.

Only the black parts in the picture are included. The gray parts are hard cast plastic kitbashes from various sources, assembled to give you inspiration for your own kitbashes.

If you want to use this mini in hot wheels sized apocalyptic mayhem games (like Gaslands, etc.) then you'll need to scale the miniature down in your slicing program to 87.5%. 

These miniatures are designed to print well in FDM. Resin printing is recommended for anything scaled smaller than 100% scale.

These models are 28mm scale and require supports when printing. Raft recommended.

Keywords: cultist, wasteland, punk, vigilante, insurgent, motorcycle, laser

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